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WhisperKOOL | Wine Storage Cooling Systems | Wine Cellar HQ

Wine Cellar HQ Solves Wine Storage! 

Wine Cellar HQ (WCHQ) brings to you the leading products coupled with our expert knowledge and steadfast customer service. We are here to guide you to the best possible solution to meet you wine storage requirements with quality engineered solutions.  

WhisperKOOL manufacturers a wide selection of systems to meet your various design requirements and delver the perfect environment to store and age you wine collection.  

WhisperKOOL offers several unique configurations for you to choose from. If you already know the specific unit you need just scroll down and see the selections below. 


If you would like to learn about the various types of configurations available and how they are suited for your cellars design,  click the LEARN MORE link to dive into the specifics.