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WhisperKOOL™ Wine Cellar Cooling Units


The most important thing to protect your fine wine collection in your wine cellar is the wine cellar cooling system.

WhisperKOOL™ has the highest quality and the best-performing cooling units available for your wine cellar. We have a wide variety of state-of-the-art cooling systems that meet the needs of every wine cellar. From smaller residential wine cellar cooling units to larger wine cellar refrigeration systems, we have a cooling system just right for your wine cellar.

No wall mounting accessible? The WhisperKOOL™ split systems will work with spaces up to 1750 cubic feet. The SC and Extreme Series both have ducting options to work with your wine cellar design.

Do you live in an extreme climate? The Extreme Series can handle temperature from 32 degrees F to 100 degrees F. The WhisperKOOL™ Split Systems work well with most any wine cellar design and while also handling extreme temperatures. Review our collection of exterior grade wine cellar doors that also work to keep your wine collection protected and preserved.

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Wine Cellar Cooling Options

Through The Wall Cooling Units

SC Series
Extreme Series

Which Cooling Unit is Right for You?

WhisperKOOL Self Contained Systems 

These systems are the most economical and easiest to install. They are designed to mount between the studs of an existing wall, and they do not require a licensed HVAC/R installation technician. One end of the system blows cool air in to the cellar, and the other end absorbs heat from the cellar and exhausts the heat into an area adjacent to the cellar. Self-contained units will make more noise than a split or ducted system.

WhisperKOOL Ductless Split Systems

The Split System is often the most efficient way to cool a cellar. Cooling unit condensers are typically noisy and require significant space for ventilation, in most cases the cellar location does not include an area for these functions. By splitting the cooling system, the condenser can be placed in a space better suited for heat and noise dissipation while the quiet evaporator is inside, or near, the cellar. A licensed HVAC/R technician is required for the installation.

WhisperKOOL Ducted Split Systems

A ducted system has more installation options than a self-contained system. The unit may be installed up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar, with the cool air flowing to the cellar and the heat exhaust ducted to the outside of the home. Ducting is also a more aesthetic choice for wine collectors who do not want to see a cooling unit in the cellar. Noise from the unit will be reduced or eliminated, depending on the installation.

Self Contained - Through the Wall

WhisperKool SC PRO

300 cu. ft.- 2000 cu. ft.
Starting at $1,949.00


Extreme Series

800 cu. ft.- 2000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $2,999.00



Slimline Wine Cellar Cooling System

300 cu. ft. - 650 cu. ft.*
Starting at $2,195


Ductless Split Cooling Units

Platinum Wall Mount

500 cu. ft.- 3000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $3,349.00


Ceiling Mount Split

500 cu. ft.- 3000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $4,249.00


Self Contained - Fully Ducted

Extreme Ti

800 cu. ft.- 2000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $2,999.00



800 cu. ft.- 2000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $3,540.00


The extreme series offers a range of thermostat options and an adjustable 3-speed fan switch to give you extra temperature control. You also get a liquid temperature bottle probe for more accurate monitoring, and many flexible ducting configuration options.

Ducted Split Cooling Units

Platinum Wall Mount

1000 cu. ft.- 3000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $4,499.00


Quantum Split Systems

3000 cu. ft.- 4000 cu. ft. *
Starting at $5,849.00


WhipserKOOL™ ducted units are best for a quiet and efficient unit to aid with the longevity and aging of fine wines. This keeps the rate of maturation stable during the wine aging process.
You can't use a traditional air conditioning unit for wine cellars, because they remove the humidity while cooling, which caused the corks to dry out and oxidizes the wine.

Wine Cooling Accessories

Add-Ons and Upgrades


WhisperKOOL Cooling Units - Installed

In the Beginning Stages?

Check out this great video on how to build a wine cellar and prepare for the wine cooling systems. Learning how to properly cool your wine cellar with WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units could save you money and your wine collection.