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Split System Wine Cellar Cooling Units

For those seeking a long-lasting, high-quality cooling unit that employs a remote condenser, a split cooling system is probably the best choice for your wine cellar.

These are available as fully ducted, or ductless split systems.

We stock units capable of cooling cellars from 300 cubic feet all the way to 4000 cubic feet, from top brands like Breezaire, Whisperkool, CellarCool, and CellarPro.

What is a Split System Cooling Unit?

A split system utilizes an evaporator unit and a remote condensing unit. These can be water-cooled or air-cooled, mounted on the ceiling, wall, rack, or floor. The two are connected by a liquid line and an insulated suction line and can be located as far as 75 feet from the cellar itself, to minimize the compressor noise and vibration present in the presence of the wine.

A split system keeps the temperature optimized between 50° and 65°F and the humidity of the cellar is kept between 50 and 75% RH – just like the condition in the famous wine caves of France.

Other fine foods and goods – such as meat, leather, chocolate or even cigars – can benefit from being stored in the controlled conditions of a wine cellar equipped with one of our systems.

The digital thermostat is easy to use, helping you keep your wine at the ideal temperature for your collection.

Humidity control: Many of the units control humidity levels as well, keeping it within your set humidity ranges.

Installation is best done using a certified HVAC technician.

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Types of Split System

There are two main types of split systems available:

Ductless Split System

For ductless systems, the condenser is mounted remotely, while the evaporator is wall-mounted inside the cellar itself (through the wall unit). This ensures razor-sharp climate control while avoiding the noise and vibration of an in-cellar condenser unit.

These can also be mounted on the ceiling by customizing the unit on the product page. You can find full dimensions, warranty information, and other options on the product page too.

Ducted Split Systems

These fully ducted systems have both the condenser and evaporator located away from the wine cellar, using ducts to transfer the cool air in and the hot air out.

This is the ultimate solution for saving space in the wine cellar and reducing noise pollution, however it may be more costly for ongoing maintenance.

Adaptable for narrow, rectangular, and L-shaped wine cellars, due to the versatility of the ductwork.

Benefits of a Split System for Cooling Your Wine Cellar

A cellar is usually, by construction and location, a cool place in your home. In the old days, wine and other fine goods were stored there, below ground, to take advantage of the natural cooling effect of their positions. Though this is still true, we now have the ability to remove the risk of shifts in temperature and humidity due to outside weather, the cycle of the seasons, and other factors that can change the perfect conditions into those that will degrade – perhaps even destroy – your valued collection.

The digital controller will take care of keeping everything consistent and will also give you the peace of mind of displaying the conditions to you, the wine cellar owner.

Finally, split systems allow you to keep your wine cellar or surrounding rooms quiet and free from vibration. They last a long time and are therefore great value, even if the initial price is higher than some smaller systems.

In all, the split cooling system piles benefits on benefits, all to the advantage of your prized fine wines.

If you want a system that’s not split, see our self-contained systems.