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Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Through the wall cooling units are best for those on a budget. They are simple to install, without any ductwork or venting to worry about.

Ideal for keeping your wine cellar at a consistent temperature all year round. They are sometimes called ductless self-contained units. 

We have units for all sized cellars, from small cellars of 300 cubic feet, all the way up to large 4000 cubic feet cellars.

Shop from top brands like WhisperKoolBreezaire, CellarPro, and CellarCool.

Larger wine cellars, in which a lack of space is not an issue, are excellent for our line of through-the-wall cooling units. We supply WhisperKool, N’FINITY, CellarPro and CellarCool units. These models do not need refrigeration lines or ductwork; enough surrounding space to vent the unit into is all that is needed. They are mainly self-contained units.

Through-the-wall units are great value, state of the art and very effective, and our experts will be on hand to recommend the best type of unit for your individual cellar’s needs.

Browse all wine cellar cooling systems here.

What is a Through the Wall System?

Through the wall systems do not need a licensed HVAC-R technician to install them, which can lead to significant savings. Most of these unit models mount between the studs in a pre-existing wall – no need to build a new structure or frame for them – and the wall acts as the barrier between the controlled environment and the outer world. The unit blows cool air into your wine cellar (or wine closet, or small wine room) at one end, and the other end absorbs and exhausts the heat into the outer room or open space. The unit will be plainly visible in most cases, and they are a little noisier than split or ducted systems.

You can install these on an interior wall, exterior wall, or through a ceiling mount if more convenient. Some models can be customized to control humidity using evaporators, prevent excess moisture from ruining your wine collection, while keeping it at an optimal temperature.

This is in contrast to a split system, which will often require an HVAC technician for installation, particularly when ducted.

Best Through-the-Wall Units

Through-the-wall wine cellar cooling units are more affordable than many alternatives, but they are still very effective for smaller wine cellars. They install easily in a standard sheetrock wall and suit many situations.

The only drawbacks are that they are less effective with larger wine cellars and they tend to run louder than ducted or split ones.

The best 3 through-the-wall units by reviews are:

  1. Breezaire WKL 3000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit - up to 650 cubic feet, advanced sentry III electronic control system, power outage protection.
  2.  WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000 Self-Contained - advanced blower fans, condensate management system, smart refrigerant metering.
  3. Breezaire WKL 2200 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit - up to 265 cubic feet, accurately adjustable, power outage protection, ultra-quiet operation.