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Large Wine Cellar Cooling Units

For a large cellar and a large wine collection, you need a high-quality and reliable cooling unit that’s built with enough power to handle the increased load.

These tend to be ducted systems, as the increased size and noise from these units mean they’re better located away from your cellar.

We stock cooling units that can handle wine cellars up to 4000 cubic feet in size, from top brands like Breezaire, CellarPro, CellarCool, N’Finity, and WhisperKool.

Large Cellar Cooling Units

If your small wine collection is quickly turning into a larger one, or if you are planning to get into wine collecting in a big way, we highly recommend careful planning and choosing of the right contractor well before you hope to start setting up the system. An experienced contractor, a reliable cooling unit, and the right combination of structure, cooling and venting are all key factors to a successful system – and this is true of larger residential wine cellars as well as commercial ones.

The cooling system will need to be able to handle the volume of your wine cellar, in your particular conditions, without straining itself or running too high, too often. If it can’t, you risk the cooling system dehumidifying the storage area and jeopardizing the quality of the stored wine. Your temperatures should remain between 55° and 58°F, and humidity should hover between 50 and 70%. Lower humidity than this may cause cork cracking, subsequent evaporation, and a drop in the quality of your wine.

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Some have tried to use a residential air conditioning unit to cool a wine cellar, sometimes attempting to use the same unit for home and wine cellar cooling. Standard AC units, however, are not designed to maintain temperatures as low as needed in a wine cellar, nor do they do so as steadily as the right wine cellar cooling system does. This may seem like a tempting shortcut, but it will degrade the quality of your wine.

How to Choose a Cooling Unit for a Large Wine Room

Our range includes a wide variety of ducted and split cooling units. These products are suitable for commercial or large residential wine cellars. Even medium-sized wine cellars, if they are entered frequently or are designed with a lot of glass, will benefit from a unit designed for a larger cellar or more traditional use and construction.

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Ducted systems use a system of ducting that connects the self-contained cooling unit to a grille in the wall of the cellar itself. The evaporator is also located in the cooling unit housing, along with the fans, compressor, condenser and control unit. This system had the benefit of not taking up any space inside the actual wine cellar, and not marring the interior appearance with a machine or cooling cabinet. These ducted systems don’t have to handle exhaust or hot air as it’s transferred outside the house.

Our products are designed to integrate with other features, such as heaters and humidifiers, low or high ambient protection, and with nearly any architectural configuration, as the ductwork systems are very adaptable.

In some way, your wine cellar is unique; our products are designed to not only allow that uniqueness, but to integrate with it in a way that feels and operates like a custom design. With proper choice and installation, your wine cellar cooling unit can do its job reliably, and free you up to enjoy your wine collection.

The main disadvantage of a ducted system is that it has to be installed by a professional HVAC technician, so it doesn’t have easy installation like a self-contained ductless system does.