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Call us at 888-589-1833 - Free Shipping on Hundreds of Products

WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000ti - Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooler

Brand: WhisperKOOL
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WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000ti Self Contained Wine Cooling System 


Sometimes simplicity is best and the WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000ti Wine Cooling System for cellars provides it in spades.

This "through-the-wall" wine cellar cooling unit is designed to fit between standard wall studs with minimum modifications necessary during the installation process.

So if you are looking for an easy to install through the wall unit you've come to the right place. 

Now don't let the simplicity of installation fool you into thinking this is a basic unit. The Extreme ti range (there's 3 sizes) are among our most advanced and powerful self-contained wine cooling units. 

Packed into the sleek black housing are a range of high tech features aimed at ensuring a safe environment for your precious wine investments. These features include variable speed fans, an advanced system controller which uses Advanced System Protection Technology and a liquid temperature monitoring probe.

These top of the line features combine to ensure this unit will enjoy a long life time AND that it will get the job done maintaining a constant environment in your cellar. 

Don't leave the health of your wine to chance, invest in a WhisperKOOL Extreme Series Wine Cellar Cooler today.

Extreme 8000ti Features

  • Reliable starting and running performance, even under the most extreme outdoor conditions
  • Reliable starting and running performance, even under the most extreme outdoor conditions
  • 55°F temperature differential
  • 3-speed fan switch
Owner Manuals & Tech Sheets

WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000ti Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Owners Manual

WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000ti Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Product Sheet

BTUh Rating


The BTU/h value shown here is a theoretical number. There are often circumstances under which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to variables not accounted for in the formula. For example, these variables could be building materials (such as glass, stone, concrete, etc.) which do not offer the insulation capacity required to maintain the optimal cellar environment. We recommend purchasing a unit with a larger capacity to compensate for these unaccounted-for variables. An undersized unit can lead to premature failure and will most likely prevent the cellar from reaching your desired temperature.


Cellar Size:

up to 2000 cu. ft. (Properly Insulated Cellar)

dBA: Condenser side:

High: 61 Decibels Med: 59 Decibels Low: 57 Decibels

dBA: Evaporator side:

High: 60 Decibels Med: 59 Decibels Low: 57 Decibels


14.25"W x 22"H x 27.5"D



AMPS (starting/running):



Through-the-Wall, partially ducted, fully ducted

Temp. Delta:

55°F temperature differential


Digital Control Display

Outside Venting:

Can be done if the outside temperature does not exceed 110°F, the external grille cover is highly recommended.

Ducting Options:

Unit can be fully ducted.

    Warranty Information
    A limited 2-year parts and labor / 5-year compressor warranty 

    Warranty Overview:

    • Self-Contained System Warranty: A limited 2-year product/5-year compressor warranty is offered with all self-contained cooling units at the date of purchase.


    • Split System Warranty: A limited 2-year product warranty is offered with all split systems. While the warranty starts at the date of purchase, this warranty is not activated until a Product Warranty Checklist has been submitted and approved by WhisperKOOL.


    • Warranty Claims: All warranty claims must be filed directly through WhisperKOOL customer service. We provide warranty repairs at our manufacturing facility in Stockton, CA, or with prior permission from WhisperKOOL to receive service by a licensed HVAC/R technician. In the event a unit is not reparable in the field and is still under warranty, we will cover shipping costs to return the unit (excluding customs fees and duties).


    • Limited Warranty: Limited warranty applies only to wine cooling units purchased directly from WhisperKOOL or through an authorized dealer. Damage caused by others or beyond the control of WhisperKOOL shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and is not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident, maintenance, installation, service/repair, or improper use.

    Customer Reviews

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    Awesome Product and Service!

    April 2022. Just installed my Whisperkool 8000 extreme (self contained unit through the wall) in our cold-holding room at our winery and everything went better than expected. I was dreading the install of the unit thinking it was going to be the hardest part of the whole cellar build-out but it turned out to be the easiest. Just follow the instructions, if your contractor installed your studs 16" on center its a piece of cake. Just make sure you have help to lift it into the hole, the unit is very beefy. Milan Pavlovic at Wine CellarHQ was helpful answering questions and making sure I purchased the correct unit for my size cellar and geographic location (we have extreme hot and cold weather temps) and that it shipped on time. Everything is working as advertised thus far, will use these guys again when I open another location.

    This cooling unit can be classed as Self-Contained.

    Our range includes both Small and Large sized units.