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Call us at 888-589-1833 - Free Shipping on Hundreds of Products

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"I wholeheartedly recommend Wine Cellar HQ and its owner, Randy, for your wine cooler needs.  Randy is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond in answering my questions and providing expert advice.  His willingness to help and his sincere interest in my wine room project set him apart from others.  It was an absolute pleasure doing business with him!"

David C.

"Hello, Received the 2200 unit in a very timely fashion. Unit arrived unharmed and installed successfully. Our wine cellar is now a nice 56 degrees. 
Thank you."

Bill Waddell

"Milan has been a lifesaver for our project. We had been working on the design for our wine cellar's layout for over a month and just couldn't seem to figure it out. Then, we found Milan and he was able to hack together a plan in less than an hour! It was exactly what we were looking for."


"Great service - responsive and informative - will buy my next BreezeAir through you when the other unit expires!"

Thanks, Heather

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Wine Temperature Control and Wine Storage Solutions

Our range includes wine storage solutions, wine racks, wine cooling units, and wine fridges - ideal for the budding wine collector. Whether you want to store wine in your wine cellar, your basement, in your kitchen, or in a fridge, we've got the products for you.

The wine bottles in your collection are valuable, so they deserve the best. Long-term storage requires consistent temperature and humidity control. Even small spaces should have a cooling unit. Wine lovers understand that you need optimal humidity levels during long-term wine storage to avoid mold, while the wrong temperature can age the wine too fast or too slowly. This is true of both red wine, sparkling wines, and white wine.

Our wine refrigerator range includes countertop, freestanding, built in fridges, and secure wine lockers, with a range of sizes to fit any bottle capacity (from small up to large commercial fridges). You can choose a wine fridge with single or multiple temperature zones, ideal for kitchens or commercial outlets where you want to store both red wine and white wine using the same fridge.

We can also help you to store wine and display it on our range of bottle wine racks, including wooden and metal wine racks, offering unique bottle storage with both easy access and a unique wine display for your cellar, dining room, kitchen, or living room. We have both traditional and modern wine racks, with modular stackable options available as well as wine pegs, and larger wall mounted wine racks too. You can even purchase a wine glass rack, or a combination bottle plus stemware storage rack or wine cabinet.

Perfect for all wine lovers, allowing you to maximize storage space, and replicate the original wine caves of France. Our wine racking can handle normal Bordeaux bottles, as well as larger Champagne, and Magnum bottles.

Long term storage of wine is very temperamental, and you must store wine on its side on a wine shelf to keep the cork from drying out. You also want to try and minimize your wine's exposure to vibration and UV light, as these can damage the quality of the wine.

Talk to the wine experts at Wine Cellar HQ today, who will help with choosing the right unit, installation, and information on the aging of wine. Read now: How to Build a Wine Cellar (DIY Guide)