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Call us at 888-589-1833 - Free Shipping on Hundreds of Products

VITRUS Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar - Model B

Original price $34,050.00 - Original price $45,481.00
Original price
$34,050.00 - $45,481.00
Current price $34,050.00
Style: Bare Shell Enclosure

VITRUS Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar - Model B

The VITRUS Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar - Model B offers a sophisticated and elegant storage solution for your wine collection. 

VITRUS is available in two options: "Bare-Shell" or "Furnished". The "Bare-Shell" option includes only the enclosure without interior floor, wall, ceiling finishes, and racking system. On the other hand, the "Furnished" option includes all interior finishes and racking system. Please note that in both options, the cooling unit is excluded.


  • Dimensions : L62” x D24” x H9’

  • Front Side : 3 Doors

  • Left Side : Glass panel

  • Right Side : Glass panel

  • Back Side : Solid panel

  • Frame Color : RAL9005 (Jet Black)


  • Interior Finishes: Wood Series (Premium-quality MDF panel)

  • Racking : Wine Locker

  • Lighting-1 : Linear LED lighting on the ceiling

  • Door Lock : No

** The featured product image is the furnished option.

** Usual delivery time, including shipment is in 22 weeks from order date. 

** Optional electric lock is available upon request for an additional charge

** All components are individually packaged with protective materials, and the enclosure is shipped in wooden crate on a pallet.

Uncompromising Quality:

Our wine cellar enclosures are meticulously crafted based on extensive experience and expertise. We prioritize insulation, ensuring that your wines are protected from temperature fluctuations, extreme humidity, and unwanted odors. The narrow frames of our enclosures maximize transparency, allowing you to showcase your collection in all its glory while blocking harmful effects of light. With VITRUS, your wines are in safe hands.

Cooling Compatibility:

A distinct advantage of VITRUS is its compatibility with a wide range of popular cooling units on the market, providing additional flexibility Unlike the many others being marketed as "glass wine cellars," which are far from providing proper storage conditions for wine due to the lack of necessary insulation features,

Experience unrivaled thermal insulation and air-tightness for optimal wine storage conditions.

Specially designed heated profiles prevent condensation in even the most humid environments, ensuring the perfect preservation of your wines.

Our glass wine cellars embody the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Each component is hand-crafted in the USA, with the finest attention to detail.

Enjoy the beauty of your wine collection with narrow frames that maximize transparency and showcase every bottle.

Our self-contained cooling unit eliminates the need for external condensers, refrigerant piping, and drain connections, providing seamless and efficient cooling for your wine cellar.

Create a wine cellar that perfectly suits your style and needs with our fully customizable and configurable options.

Technical Specifications Door:


Four fully concealed door hinges, adjustable in 3 directions.


Two rows of Seals on 4 sides • Heated Magnetic Bulb Seal • Soft Seal with Polyurethane (PU) core for excellent air tightness.

Handle Design:

Full height aluminum handle integrated into the door frame

Handle Standard Finish:

Painted in door frame color

Handle Optional Finish:

Wood Inlay (in any wood species) integrated into the aluminum frame


  • Very robust structure

  • Heated frames avoiding condensation even in humid regions

  • Integrated magnets to keep the door tightly closed

  • Optional electric lock that can be paired with electronic access control systems


Download VITRUS technical sheet

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