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Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine Cooler Plus Solves Wine Storage

We are here to assist if you need help choosing the right Breezaire system for your wine cellar. 

Call Our Experts Toll Free: (800) 290-2757

Wine Cooler Plus (WCP) is proud to offer the Breezaire product line. Breeziare units are designed and engineered to deliver the ideal wine cellar conditions for storing and aging fine wines.  Please contact us to ensure we personally get you the best cooling system for your wine cellar. 


All modified orders have a few days additional lead-time, so please contact us so we can help. All modified orders can not be cancelled or restocked once ordered.

Breezaire manufactures 3 distinct types of wine cellar refrigeration systems, the difference being the use case and the installation. More details are provided below, and the underscored links will bring to those specific product types. 

Cabinet Model Cooling Units - The cabinet model units are designed specifically to be installed in smaller pre-fabricated wine cabinets. 


Through The Wall Units - similar to a window AC unit. These units pre-charged, self contained, and simple to install and operate. 


 Split Systems - are versatile and allow the installation to separate the condenser from the evaporator. 



Breezaire cooling systems are equipped with with the following standard features. 

Adjustable Temperature

Automatic Humidity Control

Vibration Control

Quiet Operation

Easy installation

Extensive Quality Control