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Creative wine rack ideas in small spaces

Creative Wine Rack Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you a new collector with a small but mighty collection of wine? Or do you have a lot of wine but not a lot of room in which to store your collection? This guide is for you. Below, we’ll explore wine racks for small spaces.

Not all of us have the space, budget or ability to build an entire wine cellar to store our wines. And some of us don’t even want to create a dedicated cellar. However, if you find yourself with more than one bottle of wine on hand, you definitely need a proper storage place to hold your wine. Otherwise, your room or even your entire home can get cluttered quickly with bottles stored here, there, and everywhere. This can also make it difficult to find the specific label that you’re after.

Bartender showing wine bottle with a wine rack behind

But perhaps the biggest reason to create a proper storage spot for your wine is a matter of protection. Not having a dedicated wine storage spot can lead to poor storage practices. To protect your investment against premature aging and expiration, you need to ensure that your wine is properly stored. That includes storing sideways, avoiding direct sunlight, and other considerations that we’ll discuss below.

Even if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to wine storage, you likely have a wall or closet or niche that can work amazingly well. In this post, we’ll focus on wine storage for small spaces.

Rack in the photo: VintageView One-Sided Floating Wine Rack Kit (21-63 bottles)

What if you have a larger collection without adequate room to store your bottles in the same space? Don’t feel like you need to store all of your bottles together, especially if you simply don’t have the room to do so. Take note of all of the unused spaces around your home. There are probably more than you think. If you think creatively, you can use those spaces to neatly and properly store your bottles. Feel free to employ multiple ideas from this list in your home.

Let’s get started.

Wine Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

If you're a wine lover living in a small apartment, you might struggle to find the best way to store your favorite bottles. However, you'd be surprised at the number of innovative wine storage ideas that can transform a small area into an ideal place for your collection. In this section, we're going to explore some of these ideas.

Best Way to Utilize a Kitchen Island

  1. Underneath the countertop: Did you know that 28% of wine enthusiasts utilize their kitchen islands for wine storage? (source). You can easily install a wine storage rack beneath the countertop. This not only frees up counter space but also keeps your bottles within reach when cooking or entertaining.
  2. In-built wine fridge: Kitchen islands can also incorporate small wine fridges, providing the optimal temperature for your wines. According to a study by Wine Spectator, a wine fridge is a must-have for any serious wine connoisseur.

Best Place to Store Wine in Small Kitchens

  1. Glass door cabinets: Glass doors in upper cabinets can be an aesthetic and functional wine storage idea. They allow you to display your favorite bottles, and according to Wine Folly, keep them away from harmful sunlight.
  2. Narrow vertical storage: Small kitchens can benefit from vertical storage solutions. You can install a narrow wine rack in a slim, unused space in your kitchen, which can hold up to 20 bottles of wine.

Wine Cellar Ideas for Small Apartments

  1. Under stairs wine cellar: Transforming the unused area under your stairs into a wine cellar can be a great option. It's naturally dim, which is important as light can degrade wine (source).
  2. Closet conversion: An unused closet can be transformed into a compact wine cellar with glass doors, providing a perfect and safe space for your collection.

Remember, the key to great wine storage is to maintain the right conditions for your bottles. Even in a small apartment, with some creative thinking, you can create the best place for your favorite bottles.

6 Creative Wine Storage Solutions Around Your Home

1. Under the Stairs

The awkward space under your stairs is usually a catch-all for random things, but why not make it intentional? Actually, the space under the stairs is one of the best places you can store your wine. It's almost always dark, which also makes it a cooler spot in your home temperature-wise. These are two things that your wine needs to thrive: Darkness and coolness. And it's already built-in to your under the stairs space.

What's even better? There's no need to create a custom rack for under the stairs. You can easily find, buy, and install pre-built racks in this unused space that would fit perfectly.

Here is a wine rack that works great under the stairs:

VintageView 'Under the Stairs' Wine Wall Rack Kit (63-189 Bottles)

Shop This Here: VintageView 'Under the Stairs' Wine Wall Rack Kit (63-189 Bottles)

2. Living Room Focal Point

Luis Fernando Olaverri once famously said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” And that perfectly applies to this next suggestion. Consider turning your art collection into a dynamic work of art. With the right rack, your wine collection can turn into a focal piece in any room that it's in. Whether you're displaying 10 bottles or 100, there's a rack that's capable of holding your collection. And be sure to select a high quality rack that reflects your unique style, be it modern, traditional, or something in between.

Shop This Rack: VintageView Wall Wine Racks 3' (9 to 27 bottles)

3. Add it to the Table

Table top storage can be a great option if you only have a few bottles of wine on hand. Storing your wine on the table top will instantly elevate your decor and make the wine the centerpiece of your room — quite literally.

Instead of creating a focal point with only part of your wall, consider dedicating an entire wall to your collection. This is a great idea for those of you with large collections but no space for a dedicated cellar. Depending on your rack and spacing, a wine wall can store hundreds of bottles of wine. If you choose a wine display wall, you can go for an ultra slim appearance, turning the bottles on their sides with a racking solution like this:

HZ Wall Rails - 3FT Metal creative wine rack for small spaces

Shop This Rack Here: HZ Wall Rails - 3FT Metal Wine Rack (9 To 27 Bottles)

4. Hang Your Wine

No room to store your wine on the floor or on the wall? Look up. Your ceiling can be the perfect storage spot for your wine. Some wine racks can be suspended from the ceiling and house not just your wine but also your wine glasses. This type of storage can be a show-stopper and add dramatic flare to your dining room or kitchen. It's a good option to add this type of hanging wine rack above a bar or table. It's an attractive storage solution that can work in tight spaces.

However, if you choose a hanging wine rack, be sure to rotate those bottles frequently. Wine stored in higher spots in your home are more vulnerable to heat, since it rises. To avoid premature aging, frequently swap out these bottles with newer bottles as you don't want hanging bottles to collect dust.

VintageView 'Wet Bar' Wine Rack Kit (18-54 Bottles)

Shop This Rack: VintageView 'Wet Bar' Wine Rack Kit (18-54 Bottles)

5. In or Above Your Dining Room Buffet

Do you have storage furniture in your dining room for your plates, glasses, silverware, and other serving necessities? Consider adding your wine collection to your buffet, too. Some buffets come with built-in wine storage. But if you already have a dining room storage cabinet that does not include this feature, you can add it in two ways. Either you can place a table top wine rack on top of the sideboard buffet, or you can hang a wine rack above your buffet. If you choose the second option, your wine collection can serve double duty as an impressive work of art.

Fusion Wine Wall (Label Forward) - Alumasteel (4 Foot)

Shop This Rack: Fusion Wine Wall (Label Forward) - Alumasteel (4 Foot)

6. Wheeled Wine Cart

Instead of keeping your wine stationary in one spot of your home, consider adding it to a cart. This way, your wine can be wheeled from one place to another whenever necessary. For example, if you plan to host a dinner party, you can move your wine collection from its usual home (perhaps in your dining room) to a temporary spot where you'll entertain (such as your living room). The wine cart option is great if you don't have any other way to store your wine and can't or don't want to drill holes into your wall for hanging or wall-mounted wine storage.

Two wine bottles on a golden bar cart

Please note: While it's not recommended to move your wine too frequently (as movement can cause a chemical reaction that can negatively affect your wine), it's usually okay to do this for wine that you plan to consume immediately. Be sure to avoid any road bumps!

Creative Wine Storage Ideas for Your Home

Looking incorporate wine storage into your home? Check out these tips for modern and creative ways to showcase your wine collection. From wine drawers and glass racks on stone walls to repurposing spaces like the garage or side table, there are plenty of options to fit any home decor. Discover how to maximize your living spaces with a versatile bar cart that adds both convenience and style to your wine storage. Let's explore these innovative ideas together!

Tip #1: Modern Wine Drawers and Glass Rack on Stone Walls

Incorporating a wine and glass rack into the interior design of your home can provide a modern look and ensure that your white wines, in particular, are always within easy reach. This is where wine drawers come into play; they can be an ideal storage unit to utilize available space efficiently and elegantly.

Tip #2: The Perfect Spot: Family Room or Basement Wine Cellars

Basement wine cellars or designating a section in the family room can be the perfect spot to showcase your wine racking. Perhaps consider a good wine rack that fits seamlessly into the room's décor. If you have much space or an extra room, it opens up broader wine room ideas and more extensive wine storage methods.

Tip #3: Repurposing Spaces: Garage and Side Table

Have you considered repurposing your garage space or a side table in your dining area for your own small wine cellar? This can be a great way to use extra space that you might have around the house. Just ensure it's a place where the wine can rest undisturbed for the best taste.

Tip #4: Maximizing Living Spaces with a Bar Cart

A bar cart can be a versatile addition to your living spaces. It doesn’t require much floor space but offers a convenient and stylish solution for wine storage. Plus, it's mobile, allowing you to bring the wine to your guests instead of the other way around.

Smiling woman in striped top doing the 'no' arm sign

Don'ts of Wine Storage

Now that we've explored some of the most creative places to store your wine collection in your home, let's take a look at what you should avoid when storing your wine.


Two wine bottles and two vintage champagne wine glasses with wine on a table
  • Don't Store Your Wine Above the Refrigerator

Refrigerators vibrate and that's bad for wine. The constant shaking of the bottles will disrupt the sediment present in the wine and cause the wine to turn bitter.

  • Don't Store Your Wine in Warm Spaces in Your Home

Wine should be stored in cooler temperatures (usually between 55°F to 60°F, or 12°C to 15°C). If you don't have a cellar or a dedicated wine cooler, be sure to store wine in the coolest part of your home, whether that's a basement, under the stairs, or some other area where you can ensure cooler temperatures.

  • Don't Expose Your Bottles to Excessive Light

Too much light, especially sunlight, can cook your wine, which will cause it to age rapidly.

  • Don't Store Your Wine Upright

Unless your bottles use screw tops, each wine bottle should be stored on its side. This ensures that the cork remains in contact with the liquid and prevents it from drying out, allowing air to seep into the bottle.

  • Don't Use a Kitchen Refrigerator to Store Your Wine

Not only does a kitchen refrigerator get too cold for wine storage, but it also doesn't have the necessary humidity to prevent bottle corks from drying out.

Dining table with plates of food, wine glasses and a wine bottle

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve discovered new and creative ideas for storing your wine in smaller spaces. Be sure to abide by the best practices mentioned above to avoid ruining your wine collection.

If you have the space, try out a few different storage options to find what you like best. Then, as your collection grows, you can adjust your storage methods accordingly. Happy wine collecting!

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Randy Green

Randy is a true wine storage aficionado and expert in wine cellar design. He gained construction experience as a partner in a general contracting business before niching into and passionately focusing on creating wine storage solutions for clients in 2016. He takes great pride in bringing these designs to life, and is dedicated to ensuring that every wine cellar he creates is not only functional but also a beautiful addition to any home or business. The Wine Cellar HQ team also includes refrigeration sizing experts and licensed HVAC technicians to ensure optimal climate control for your wine cellar, so that your wines can age to perfection.
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