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The 10 best gifts for the wine lovers in your life.

The 10 best gifts for the wine lovers in your life.

It’s that time of the year again. Black Friday is coming up, and there are holiday gift guides galore. Beat the stress of the mall or Amazon’s hectic catalog and check out these ten gifts for the wine enthusiasts in your life. Or maybe just for yourself…


1) Spooky shark wine glasses to surprise your guests

Ok, picture this: you’re sitting down for a nice glass of wine watching Michael Phelps race a (fake) Great White. We all love Shark Week, why not bring that same fun to your cabernet experience? Pick up these unique wine glasses and surprise your guests with a little JAWS action. 

Get the 3D Shark Wine Glasses from none other than TheSharkWineGlass on Etsy for $30.


 2) A holiday gift even your mother-in-law can’t critique 

Trying to find the perfect gift for that   “hard to gift” person? You know-- the   one that you always want to buy a gift card for? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? This holiday season, give the gift of the finer things in life with WTSO’s incredible selection of.  carefully sourced, high-quality wines at the lowest price possible.

Send the gift of quality wine delivered to your door from WTSO. (Wine Til’ Sold Out) You can’t go wrong with a gift card for wine!


 3) A wine barrel bar set that’s equal parts comfort and style

I can’t be the only one who’s always wanted a fancy bar stool and table. This one is a barrel that’s less pirate chic and more très chic.  Bring the French countryside into your wine cellar with this great bistro set.

Get the Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table & Bar Stools from Wine Cellar HQ, for $1300

4) A personalized wine accessory kit so you’ll always be able to open your favorite bottles

A  family that wines together stays together, or so I’ve heard. Bring the love with this customized, engraved mini wine barrel kit with all the essentials. Maybe the bistro table is out of your stocking stuffer budget this year, but this mini barrel will bring lots of fun at a fraction of the cost. It’s not quite as fun to sit on, though.

Get the Personalized Wine Barrel Accessory from CreativeByClair on Etsy for $24.

5) A set of four wine soaps

Scrub-a-dub-dub with these handmade wine-inspired soaps. You’ll smell good, and no one will even know that you have a crazy night drinking Merlot. If you get the candles too, your whole house will smell as delicious as a full-bodied cabernet. 

Get the Set of 4 Wine Soaps from UncommonGoods for $28.

6) Upgrade your wine collection with this 28-bottle Wine Cooler

Take your kitchen to the next level with this freestanding wine cellar. Keep your wines at the perfect temperature and humidity. Plus, it’ll impress all your New Year’s guests. 

 Get this Freestanding 28-bottle Wine Cellar from Wine Cellar HQ, for $350

7) Never fear hosting parties with this red wine stain remover

What if I told you that for under 10 dollars, you could prevent the most common wine damage: red wine stains? Well, it’s true.

Get the Red Wine Stain Remover for $7. 

8) Host your friends for a wine and cheese pairing club 

Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? And subscribing to the wine and cheese club will be a great reason to invite friends and family over. Extend to spirit of warmth into the new year. 

Subscribe to the Harry and David Wine and Cheese Club for as low as $100. 

9) Treat the wine lover food in your life to some wine-infused salts

These would pair perfectly with a nice steak and… more wine. For the vegetarians and veggie lovers out there, try it on your cheese, potatoes, or salads. Made in the USA. 

Get the Set of 3 Wine-infused Salts from UncommonGoods for $35.

10) Read Wine Folly to learn more about different wines and the science behind vinification

The world of wine can be a bit intimidating, but you too can learn your differences between Merlot and Moscato with this book from Penguin Random House. As the book says Wine = Science + Art.

Buy it on Amazon for $18.

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