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How Big of a Wine Room Do You Need?

How Big of a Wine Room Do You Need?

Your home is your personal space, and one of the great joys in life is reforming your living areas, so they better suit your needs. People often install an office or a man cave, so why not create a wine room? If wine is your passion, there is no law that says you have to store your collection in a cellar at the bottom of a set of rickety stairs. Why not display your wine collection with pride and make it the centerpiece of your primary recreation space? In this article, we'll explore new ways to incorporate a wine room into your home.

How Big of a Wine Room Do You Need?

There is an undeniable aesthetic component to a collection of fine bottles of wine. The aged glass of the bottles is an interesting surface for reflecting light with its narrow, transparent neck and opaque body filled with dark liquid. Labels, too, come in all shapes, colors, and styles from lines handwritten in faded ink, to the most modern and dynamic examples of graphic design. A well-stocked wine rack is a random collection of individual units, all expertly crafted, which come together to form a final total greater than the sum of its parts.

There are many adjectives an observer might apply to a room adorned with bottles of wine. Dust on the bottles might make the room seem untidy, and the variety of shapes and colors might inspire the use of the word chaotic. Knowledgeable guests will associate the room with luxury, style, and elegance. But one certainty is that nobody will ever enter the room and feel inclined to call it boring. Wine represents history and craftsmanship—even those that do not describe themselves as aficionados, recognize when they are in the presence of something magnificent.

Is Bigger Better?

Some of us, perhaps many of us, dream of owning a home where every room is dedicated to wine storage and display. But sometimes greater satisfaction can be achieved through moderation. As you consider the dimensions of your wine room, it's important to take into account the overall layout and purpose of your living space. A wine room can be a sort of oasis in your home, a place to go and relax and spend a few stolen moments in personal appreciation of the better things in life.

It is always pleasant to dream big, but even with unlimited resources, sometimes the biggest dreams will not bring you the greatest pleasure. Also, it is important not to abandon your dreams simply because you are currently living in a small space that cannot accommodate them. Wine refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, and it's always possible to convert a comfortable space into a wine room, even if the whole area is not entirely dedicated to an awe-inspiring collection.

Small Wine Refrigerators

How much wine does it take to classify a room as a wine room? At the large end, the number is limitless, but at the small end, you have achieved legitimacy with only a single bottle. Even if you live in a studio apartment, you can experience much of the effect of a life of luxury. Refrigerators are available that hold as few as six bottles of wine. These come in styles that open like a cupboard, wide and shallow to display the labels to good effect. Alternatively, you can select deep and narrow refrigerators that you can tuck away in narrow spaces beside your bed or a nightstand.

Your wine room is an opportunity to apply your creativity. One of the most popular housing trends is tiny houses, and a tiny wine room is a natural extension of this concept. With a small refrigerator, a comfortable chair, and a table with glasses, you have everything you need to focus on your pleasure. The best part about constructing a tiny room is that it is inexpensive and provides you with a private contemplation chamber.

A Mid-Sized Room

As you begin to peruse larger wine refrigerators in preparation for a greater commitment of floor space, you'll find a huge variety of shapes and styles. For any room dedicated to wine, the wine itself will be the centerpiece. But for your room, you can choose where and how the wine will be featured. Medium-sized wine refrigerators can contain anything from fifty to two hundred bottles of wine. You can select refrigerators that are about the size of a mini-fridge, all the way up to products that are the same size as a large kitchen fridge.

Wine refrigerators come in designs that offer both free-standing and built-in models. If you are remodeling a room in your house, you can install your wine refrigerator directly into a wall, or repurpose an old closet space for an integrated look. Many refrigerators come with transparent doors and designer lighting that makes your wine refrigerator glow like a Christmas tree. How you balance your refrigerators with cabinets, tables, seating, and lighting, represents the essential decorating question of creating a luxury room.

A Kingly Wine Room

For your final area of inspiration, you can look to Hollywood. The third season of the Amazon series 'Sneaky Pete' features a glorious wine room complete with brick arches and fantastic mood lighting sure to be the envy of wine lovers everywhere. Unfortunately, the illusion is diminished somewhat by the wholly inadequate wooden racks that offer much less climate control than high capacity wine cellars.

Wine cellars are wine refrigerators with capacities of three hundred to six hundred bottles. They offer superior temperature and humidity control, and protection from light and vibrations. A high capacity cellar naturally takes up a huge amount of space and is often as large as two or three kitchen refrigerators standing side by side. Rooms like this are often featured in James Bond or other action films, so keep your eyes peeled when you're at the cinema because you can derive inspiration from anywhere.

The Perfect Room

It is relaxing and enjoyable to paint a picture of the ideal room in your mind that perhaps you will achieve in some far distant future, but it's also important to reserve a fair amount of focus for the present. Even if you can't achieve the room of your dreams today, you can derive a lot of satisfaction through a creative reimagining of the space you already occupy. The beauty and versatility of the wine refrigerators on the market will amaze you. Head over to Wine Cellar HQ for plenty of inspiration to help you create your first wine room.

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