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9 Reasons the Whisperkool Phantom Series Gets Such Standout Reviews

9 Reasons the Whisperkool Phantom Series Gets Such Standout Reviews

Anybody who knows anything about wine knows that the most important task to observe is your wine cooling storage. After all, how you store your wine will determine how your wine ages, and keeping it cool will decide how it tastes when it's finally opened. If you want to get the most out of every bottle, then storing and cooling your wine properly is absolutely key - and that's why the Whisperkool Phantom series has been such a standout for wine-lovers everywhere.

9 Reasons the Whisperkool Phantom Series Gets Such Standout Reviews

1. Quiet and Efficient

The Whisperkool Phantom series is a self-contained wine cellar cooling system that is built to be quiet and efficient in all ways. With its larger and thicker coils, heat dissipation within your wine cellar can easily counteract any air ventilation or congestion that may raise the temperature of your cellar.

Part of this efficiency is because the coated coils allow for better performance and fewer automated operation errors that can lead to your wine heating.

Additionally, this cooling unit has an energy-saving mode that means it's easy to adjust the amount of power you need based on how large your cellar is and how much wine you have stored. The cooling unit itself is also whisper-quiet - hence the name.

2. Intelligent Blower Configuration

The intelligent blower configuration is where the real magic is. This is because the blower configuration allows for operation and installation flexibility, meaning its easier to maintain the optimum temperature in your wine cellar based on the exact construction of the space.

The blowers have an intelligent design that can be independently oriented in any direction on the cooling unit, giving you more flexibility in installation and allowing for optimal cooling capabilities regardless of where the unit is installed.

3. Digital Controller

Unique to Whisperkool is the digital controller, which puts all the power of the controls right at your fingertips. This is especially useful for adjusting the unit if the unit is placed higher in your wine cellar.

The digital control makes it easy to change settings on the cooling system so it runs at a capacity that suits your needs, whether you have 1500 bottles of wine or 50.

4. Bottle Probe

The Phantom series has taken an outside-of-the-box approach to monitoring the temperature of the wines in your cellar. Other cooling units simply rely on the ambient temperature of the room to estimate the temperature of the wines in the bottles. However, this cooling unit features a bottle probe that gives you accurate readings of the exact temperature of the wine.

WhisperKOOL Phantom 3500 - Wine Cellar HQ

How Does the Bottle Probe Work?

The bottle probe continually monitors an open bottle of wine to better adjust the temperature of the room to the optimal 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling unit makes automatic adjustments based on the bottle probe readings to ensure that your wine is always at the best temperature for preservation and aging.

5. Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Phantom 8000 is the more advanced unit in the series and has had an upgrade on the installation and maintenance. Now featuring removable grills for easier access to maintain the cooling unit, it's a simple matter to keep the unit clean and operating at peak efficiency.

Plus, installation can be done in a matter of minutes and in any duct configuration that works for your space, no matter how small or large.

6. UV Light

This cooling unit also features an installation of UV light within the machine that prevents the growth of anything that could potentially interfere with the operation of the unit and cause a critical failure. This is an especially important factor if you don't access your wine cooler regularly.

7. Digital Thermostat

The entire Phantom series has plenty of exciting technology features, particularly the digital thermostat with remote display.

The digital thermostat makes it simple to view and adjust the temperature of the cooling unit as necessary. Being able to know the temperature at a glance makes it much easier to manage your storage space and preserve your wine.

8. Minimalist Design

The Phantom series also has a minimalist design that matches it's overall quiet efficiency. Sleek black outer casing makes it easy to overlook.

The last thing anyone once in a wine cellar is an eyesore of a cooling unit that takes away from the ambiance of the space, which is why the Phantom series minimalist design is ideal if your storage space doesn't have a spare room for your cooler.

9. Ideal for Any Cellar

If you have a smaller wine cellar - or even just a wine closet - then you might not need a cooling unit designed for larger cellars, such as cellars that have been converted from basements.

In that case, you might consider the Phantom 3500, which is a slightly smaller cooling unit that has all the tech features and advantages as the biggest versions, but it's designed for spaces around 800 cubic feet.

Does the Size of the Cooling Unit Matter?

The size of your cooling unit absolutely matters when it comes to the maintenance of your storage room. Why is using a smaller unit better for a smaller space? Simply put, over-cooling your wine is just as bad as letting it overheat. A smaller unit may also be easier to install in cramped spaces, so if wine collection is more of a fun hobby rather than a passion, a smaller unique is adequate to keep your storage space at optimal temperatures.

When it comes to excellent wine cooling units for your storage space, look no further than the Phantom series, which has done it's best to meld power with a minimalist approach. From its unobtrusive design to its quiet, energy-efficient design, this whisper-quiet unit is a subtle addition to your wine cellar. The Phantom series also keeps everything running smoothly with unique tech offerings, including a bottle probe for accurate temperature monitoring and a digital controller for ease of use.

To learn more about the Whisperkool Phantom series, contact Wine Cellar HQ in Austin, TX, your best source for all things wine cooling and storage.

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