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Transtherm Double Castel Glass Brushed Aluminum Full Shelf

Brand: Transtherm
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Introducing the NEW Double Castel Wine Cabinet Glass Door Brushed Aluminum Fully Shelved! 

The capacity of this unit ranges from 330 to 418 depending on shelves management. 

Enjoy a convenient and organized storage solution for your wine collection. The Double Castel Wine Cabinet combines two Castel units, each with an independent temperature zone to store wine on one side and maintain proper serving temperatures on the other.

The Transtherm Double Castel Wine Cabinet features 2 separate temperature zones allowing you to set and monitor the temperature of your collection at the touch of a button. If needed, the humidity levels can be raised by adding water. The integrated heater element allows for placement in extreme environments ranging from 32 to 95F. 

This beautiful cabinet is equipped with 3 temperature zones on each side. The large zone is for wine storage and two smaller compartments are specially made for maintaining service temperatures of white and sparkling wine. 

Storing your precious collection has never been easier, and here's why. The unit comes with 10 adjustable rolling shelves ( 12 bottles per shelf) and 1 half shelf on the bottom on each side. This allows you to hold 330 bottles. Removing some of the shelves and stacking up wine, raises the capacity to 418 bottles. 

Each side comes with 10 adjustable rolling shelves (12 bottles per shelf) and 1 half shelf on the bottom. Using this configuration, the wine cabinet holds 330 bottles.

Placement Requirements: Castel wine cabinets require 3 inches of clearance behind the cabinets, as well as 2 inches of clearance on the sides and above the cabinets, and are designed to operate in environments ranging between 0-35°C/32-95°F. Transtherm cabinets use 120V / 60Hz power. Single cabinets require a 15-Amp circuit, while double cabinets require two (2) 15-amp circuits.


Transtherm wine cabinets are equipped for both cooling and heating what makes them perfect for use in colder climates or regions with variations in seasonal temperatures. This Double Castel is fully shelved with rolling shelves in every slot.

  • 3 temperature zones for storing red wine and cooling white and sparkling wine
  • Maximum temperature variation of 2-3 °F inside the wine cabinet
  • Multiple modes for integrated lighting control
  • Temperature and humidity alarm systems
  • Operating in unconditioned locations from 32 to 95 °F
  • Upgraded inner material from thermoformed polystyrene to aluminum
  • Adjustable shelves to achieve the perfect height
  • Rolling shelves that easily accommodate all bottle sizes
  • Silent operation - 37 dBA
  • Removable door handle made from steel and aluminum (also reversible on glass doors)
  • Premium high-density expanded foam insulation (1.8 in thick)
  • Maintaining humidity between 55% - 80% via a Transtherm exclusive thermal pump
  • Mold and bad odors prevented by natural ventilation
  • Cooler design and compressor location create a zero vibrations atmosphere
    Specs & Resources

    Brand: Transtherm

    Size: 53 1/2w x 26 1/4d x 72h (in)

    Weight: 504 lbs

    120V / 60Hz; Requires 2 x 15-Amp Dedicated Circuits

    Capacity: Up to 330 bottles

    Material: Melamine Laminate

    1-Year Limited Warranty - Parts and Labor
    5-Year Limited Warranty - Compressor

    Owner's Manual
    Shelf Configuration
    Door Reversal Instructions



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    It's an Extra Large sized wine fridge

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