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Free Shipping on Hundreds of Products

EXPO Teca B TE-B12 Tilted Shelving Built-in Wine Wall

Brand: EXPO
Original price $13,995.00 - Original price $13,995.00
Original price
$13,995.00 - $13,995.00
Current price $13,995.00

**Pricing shown on the website is based on RAL9005 Matte Black Frame, with standard LED lighting. Please contact us for a quotation if you would like a different finish as prices may vary 888-589-1833**

Teca is elegant and subdued, deliberately minimalistic, and essential. It blends in with simplicity in any space from the kitchen to the living room. It is an item with an unmistakable design that will make any setting unique.

TE-B12 Specification:

  • Dimensions: Height: 1863mm  Width: 880mm  Depth: 358mm
  • Weight: 116kg


  • Aluminium finish with warm white LED lighting (ON/OFF switch)
  • Sliding doors (double-glazed and UV-treated)
  • Shelf configuration: horizontal bottles. Maximum bottle height is 370mm, max. diameter is 93mm.
  • Digital temperature controller (5 - 18°C)
  • Rechargeable carbon filter
  • HPL / MDF frame is mounted with a snap-on system (easy installation)
  • Automatic defrost and automatic evaporation system
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Inverter compressor
  • Lock with key
  • Heated rails
  • Ventilated and static cooling system -2-year ON/OFF
  • Warranty: 2 year parts and labor UK mainland and NI
  • ROI warranty: 1-year parts only

Choice of models:

  • TE-BM12: 120 Bottle capacity, 530mm depth, front glass doors


    The Teca B range is the built-in version from the Teca Vino range, this model can be built into an alcove, a wall or cabinets to create a seamless finish.  The wine wall has a full aluminium structure which can be manufactured to have different frame finishes attached to the front to create a real feature piece. 

    *Pricing on the website is based on RAL9005 matte black frame, with standard LED lighting* Please contact us for a quotation if you would like a different finish as prices may vary. See the catalog below for the range of frames and colors available.

    Customize your own Wine Wall:

    • Frame:
    • Linear finish
    • Dune finish
      • Frame finish: choose from a range of finishes from matte black/white, laminated textured wooden finishes to even your own RAL color and gold/silver painted finishes (prices vary). Please see the catalog here for the range of frames and colors available.
      • Bottle Configuration: the TE-B12 comes with tilted shelving only, if you would like to customize shelving, please see TE-B14.
      • Add optional extras (additional charges apply - please contact us to arrange this):
      • Remote control lighting (RGB multicolored / CBD dimmable warm/white)
      • Sprayed all black (matte) internally and externally

        Temperature Control:

        The Teca Vino wine walls are multi temperature zone units and have a multitude of temperature options depending on whether the fans are turned on or off and the temperature the cabinet is set to.

        The temperature can be set using a digital control panel which also controls the lighting, fans and defrost cycle.

        Example temperature operation, if set to 4°C:

        • Fans off - the wine wall will operate between 4°C at the bottom and 16°C at the top.
        • Fans on - the wine wall will operate between 4°C at the bottom and 10°C at the top.


        There are certain installation requirements needed for each model, please refer to their specification for instructions.

        For example, to install the TE-BH10 (shallow depth) correctly and ensure the units do not overheat - it is advised the a gap of 30mm or more is left at the back of the unit - firstly to prevent any unwanted vibrations but also to allow warm air to escape above the wine wall.

        The cool air enters the wine wall from the bottom so the feet must not be covered - the airflow should be free and unhindered.

        For built in installation, there must be a vent / open space at the top of the unit to allow warm air to escape.

        The shallow depth 'H' model must also be fixed to the wall with the provided bracket for stability purposes.


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