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Echelon 6-Bottle Kit (1×6 Single Stack)

Brand: Echelon
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ECHELON Modular Wine Rack 6-Bottle Kit Contemporary Wine Storage Solutions

Discover the ECHELON Modular Wine Racks, a fusion of modern wine racks design and architectural-grade materials, perfect for showcasing your prized wine collection.

Expertly crafted from extruded aluminum with a natural satin anodizing finish, the ECHELON Modular Wine Racks epitomize contemporary wine storage. Each S-shaped module seamlessly clicks together, evoking a ribbon-like silhouette that embodies contemporary design and stores your wine bottles with elegance. This customizable and scalable system is an ideal addition for wine enthusiasts looking to enhance small spaces or add a touch of luxury to any wine cellar design.


The Echelon wave Wine Rack 6 Bottle Kit is not just a utilitarian piece but a statement in contemporary design, perfect for a kitchen bench, tabletop, or as part of your modern wine cellar ideas. Its sculptured form offers both functional storage and an arresting aesthetic, making it an excellent gift for any wine lover.

  • Capacity: Stores 6 bottles, expandable to 7 with top tier utilization
  • Material: Premium aluminum with an architectural-grade anodized finish for lasting beauty
  • Dimensions: 226mm W x 379mm H x 200mm D (8.9″ W x 14.29″ H x 7.9″ D)
  • Shipping: Flat-packed with an easy 5-minute assembly time

*Designed for horizontal surfaces such as kitchen counters or shelving, complementing any dining room or bar area.


The Echelon Modular Wine Racks are engineered for adaptability, functioning independently or as part of a comprehensive system. Linking multiple kits together creates a unified storage solution that combines sleek appearance with contemporary wine storage functionality.


For those designing custom wine rooms or looking to optimize an unconventional space, such as under a staircase, ECHELON offers the flexibility of custom wine cellar sizes. Provide your unique dimensions, and our wine cellar design experts will tailor a solution that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Specification and Installation

The ECHELON rack assembles swiftly and with ease. Starting with a Base Module, you can stack an array of Bottle Modules to create a storage wall that's as expansive as you desire. The innovative design is especially suited for modern wine racks, offering a label-forward wine storage system that's both functional and visually striking.

Presentation Sheet

Specification Sheet

Installation Manual

Contemporary Wine Storage by Echelon

Ideal for any space, including wine cellars and under stairs, Echelon redefines wine storage, allowing you to customize your rack to fit your available space perfectly.

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