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Echelon 36-Bottle Kit (1×36 Single Stack)

Brand: Echelon
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Echelon 36-Bottle Kit (1×36 Single Stack) - The Ultimate in Sleek Wine Storage

Presenting the ECHELON Modular Wine Racks: the epitome of design and functionality for the discerning collector, ideal for enhancing wine cellars, wine cabinets, modern kitchens, and prestigious spaces across homes, upscale restaurants, exclusive bars, and boutique wine stores.

Crafted from premium extruded aluminum with a refined satin anodizing finish, the ECHELON wine racks feature distinctive S-shaped modules that effortlessly connect, forming an elegant ribbon-esque silhouette. This modular system not only captivates the eye but also offers unparalleled customization, adapting seamlessly to your space and storage needs. ECHELON is engineered for straightforward installation in wine cellars, luxurious kitchen cabinets, custom joinery, as well as unique areas like under staircases, epitomizing the forefront of contemporary wine storage.

Designed with the vision of a progressively growing wine collection, ECHELON ensures your storage solution evolves with your collection. Its intelligent modular design allows for easy expansion, providing a worry-free future for your burgeoning assortment of fine wines.

Maximizing Vertical Space with Echelon's 36-Bottle Capacity

The Echelon 36-Bottle Wine Rack is ingeniously designed for tall, narrow spaces, such as beside a refrigerator, turning otherwise underutilized areas into a showcase of your wine collection. This design philosophy makes it a perfect feature for new kitchen designs or renovations, utilizing space efficiently.

The system's modularity means you can add more modules for increased height, seamlessly integrating into any cabinet design by building a recess to specified dimensions, assembling the rack, and sliding it into place. Brackets are provided for a secure attachment to the back of cabinets or walls.

  • Accommodates 36 to 37 bottles, including the use of the top tier for extra storage
  • Constructed from aluminum with an architectural-grade anodized finish for durability and elegance
  • Dimensions: 226mm W x 1939mm H x 200mm D (8.9″ W x 76.34″ H x 7.9″ D)
  • Delivered flat-packed with an assembly time of just 20 minutes

*Designed for placement on sturdy horizontal surfaces such as shelves, counters, or benches, ensuring the structure can bear the combined weight of the rack and full bottles.

Versatile Wine Rack Kits for Any Space

ECHELON kits are crafted for flexibility, able to stand alone or integrate into a comprehensive storage solution. Their capability to nest together seamlessly offers both practical storage and a striking visual display, accentuating the contemporary charm of your collection.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Spaces

For custom wine cellar or cabinet projects, or for fitting into unconventional spaces, ECHELON provides custom quantities and solutions. Whether you're dealing with an area under the stairs or a non-standard shape, our team is ready to help craft the perfect storage solution, blending functionality with modern aesthetics.

Simple, Quick Assembly & Installation

Assembling your ECHELON wine rack is straightforward, requiring just a few minutes to connect the Base Module with the necessary Bottle Modules. This design facilitates a continuous, free-flowing display, ideal for any setting that values both wine storage and presentation.

For more details, please view our: - Presentation Sheet - Specification Sheet - Installation Manual

Contemporary Wine Storage by Echelon

Ideal for any space, including wine cellars and under stairs, Echelon redefines wine storage, allowing you to customize your rack to fit your available space perfectly.

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