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Echelon 24-Bottle Kit (1×24 Single Stack)

Brand: Echelon
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Echelon 24-Bottle Kit (1×24 Single Stack) - Vertical Elegance in Contemporary Wine Storage

Introducing the ECHELON Modular Wine Racks: a synthesis of form, function, and flexibility, ideal for sophisticated wine cellars, elegant wine cabinets, modern kitchens, and premium spaces in homes, restaurants, bars, or wine shops.

Forged from high-quality extruded aluminum and adorned with a satin anodizing finish, the ECHELON wine rack system features unique S-shaped modules that interlock to forge a mesmerizing ribbon-like structure. This modular design not only captivates visually but also offers unparalleled adaptability, allowing for the bespoke configuration of the rack to suit any space. Ideal for seamless integration into wine cellars, chic kitchen cabinets, custom joinery, or even unconventional spots like under a staircase, the ECHELON racks exemplify the apex of contemporary wine storage solutions.

Especially suited for collectors looking to elegantly expand their wine collections, the ECHELON system supports gradual growth, ensuring your storage evolves as effortlessly as your wine selection. Its streamlined addition of modules guarantees a future-proof solution for any growing collection, making it a cornerstone of modern wine storage planning.

Maximize Space with Echelon's 24-Bottle Vertical Storage

The Echelon 24-Bottle Wine Rack excels in maximizing vertical space, perfect for slender, tall areas like beside a refrigerator, making it an ingenious addition to new kitchen designs or space-constrained areas. Its slender profile is designed to make use of spaces too narrow for conventional cupboards, blending functionality with contemporary aesthetics.

Expandable by nature, the ECHELON system can be customized with additional modules for greater height, or consider upgrading to the KWR36-V for even larger collections. Designed to be effortlessly incorporated into cabinet designs, simply create a recess to the specified dimensions, assemble the rack, and slide it into place. Brackets included ensure a secure, stable installation.

  • Capacity for 24 to 25 bottles, utilizing the top tier for additional storage
  • Crafted from durable aluminum with an architectural-grade anodized finish
  • Dimensions: 226mm W x 1315mm H x 200mm D (8.9″ W x 51.77″ H x 7.9″ D)
  • Conveniently ships flat-packed, assembly completed in approximately 12 minutes

*Designed for stability on robust horizontal surfaces like shelves, counters, or benches. Ensure the surface can bear the weight of the rack plus full wine bottles.

Innovative Wine Rack Kits for Flexible Configurations

ECHELON kits are engineered for versatility, capable of standalone use or integration into a cohesive storage solution. Their ability to nest seamlessly provides both functional storage and a striking visual statement, emphasizing the modern aesthetic of your wine display.

Customized Solutions for Unique Environments

For those designing custom wine cellars or cabinets, or dealing with challenging spaces, ECHELON offers tailored options to meet your specific needs. Our solutions accommodate unconventional spaces, including under stairs or non-standard layouts, ensuring your wine storage is not just functional but also a highlight of your decor.

Simple Assembly & Installation

Assembling your ECHELON wine rack is straightforward and quick. Start with the Base Module and add Bottle Modules to achieve your desired height. This intuitive design allows for a sleek, continuous wine display that enhances any contemporary space, making it a showcase of your wine collection.

For additional details, please view our: - Presentation Sheet - Specification Sheet -

Contemporary Wine Storage by Echelon

Ideal for any space, including wine cellars and under stairs, Echelon redefines wine storage, allowing you to customize your rack to fit your available space perfectly.

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