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Echelon 12-Bottle Kit (1×12 Single Stack)

Brand: Echelon
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Echelon 12-Bottle Kit (1×12 Single Stack) - Contemporary Wine Storage Solution

Introducing the ECHELON Modular Wine Racks, the epitome of modern wine storage for discerning wine enthusiasts. Ideal for enhancing wine cellars, wine cabinets, and kitchen spaces in homes, upscale restaurants, and chic wine stores.

Constructed from premium extruded aluminum with a sophisticated satin anodized finish, the ECHELON wine racks feature a unique S-shaped module that seamlessly clicks together, creating an elegant ribbon-like structure. This modular system allows for easy expansion, ensuring your wine storage grows with your collection. Designed for versatile installation, ECHELON racks can be integrated into wine cellars, kitchen cabinets, or placed on counters, including innovative placements like under staircases for a contemporary design touch.

Modern Design Meets Functionality

The Echelon 12-Bottle Wine Rack merges sleek aesthetics with practical design, making it a perfect fit for modern kitchens and bespoke wine cellars. Its modular nature allows for easy integration into custom cabinetry or as a standalone piece on counters or benches, with included brackets for secure wall mounting if desired.

  • Capacity for 12 to 13 bottles, maximizing space with top-tier usage
  • Durable aluminum construction with an architectural-grade anodized finish
  • Dimensions: 226mm W x 691mm H x 200mm D (8.9″ W x 27.2″ H x 7.9″ D)
  • Convenient flat-pack shipping with an assembly time of just 8 minutes

*Designed for sturdy horizontal surfaces like shelves, counters, or benches. Ensure the support surface can safely bear the weight of the rack and wine bottles.

Adaptable Wine Rack Kits

ECHELON’s wine rack kits are engineered for flexibility, allowing for standalone use or integration into larger, custom configurations. By seamlessly nesting multiple kits together, you create not just a storage solution but a striking visual element that reflects the contemporary design ethos of your space.

Customizable to Fit Your Space

For those crafting a custom wine cellar or looking to fit a wine rack into a unique space, ECHELON offers customizable solutions. Whether it's an unconventional area like under a staircase or a non-standard space shape, our team is ready to assist in designing a wine storage system that meets your exact needs.

Simple Installation

Assembling your ECHELON wine rack is straightforward and quick. Start with a Base Module and add Bottle Modules to achieve the desired height and width. This flexible system allows you to create an elegant, flowing wine storage display, perfect for contemporary wine enthusiasts looking for a stylish, label-forward presentation.

For more information and detailed guides, please visit our: - Presentation Sheet - Specification Sheet - Installation Manual

Contemporary Wine Storage by Echelon

Ideal for any space, including wine cellars and under stairs, Echelon redefines wine storage, allowing you to customize your rack to fit your available space perfectly.

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