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CellarPro 2000 VS Duct HOOD (Cold Side) Low RH #27107

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CellarPro 2000 VS Duct HOOD (Cold Side) Low RH (P/N 27107). Duct openings are designed to attach to 2 insulated 6-inch ducting (not included) for evaporator intake and exhaust. Custom design allows access to controls and switches on the face of the cooling unit.

The exhaust exits from the top, and the intake returns from the front.

Shown at left: cold side duct hoods (left) AND hot side duct hoods (right). The hot side duct hoods must be purchased separately.

Kit includes: Duct hood for intake and for exhaust, remote display and bottle probe. Insulated 6-inch or greater (required from start to finish) ducting is not included.

The high fan speed MUST be used when ducting our cooling unit.

Our cold-side duct hoods allow the cold air intake and exhaust to be ducted up to 50 equivalent feet (25 feet per opening).

  • Attaches easily to the front (intake) and top (exhaust) of 2000VS refrigeration systems
  • Provides access to cooling unit control panel and switches
  • Designed for easy hook-up to 6" ducting
  • Both openings must be ducted to/from the cellar
  • Ducting can reach up to a total of 50 equivalent feet
  • Includes our remote probe with 10' cord which plugs into face of the cooling unit on one end, and measures air or liquid temperature inside the cellar on the other end
  • Includes our remote control display kit, which can be installed inside or outside the cellar
  • Must be used in low humidity, conditioned environments

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