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Wine Cellar Flooring Ideas

What Kind of Flooring Do You Need for a Wine Cellar?

You have many choices when it comes to flooring material for your wine cellar. While the look of the material you choose is important, it is also critical that you choose materials that will not put your wine at risk. The materials you use for your wine room floor should be practical as well as beautiful.

Qualities of Proper Wine Cellar Flooring


When considering the right material for your cellar floor, you will want to think about materials that have durability. You want your wine room to be a permanent part of your home that raises its value and adds a unique and interesting element. Installing highly durable floors will help make this a reality.

You don't want to have to replace the flooring in this room for many years, so it makes sense to invest in the most durable type of flooring you can find.


Wine cases, wine racks, and wine shelves can be extremely heavy. You may also need other large items like humidifiers and various types of machinery to keep the environment right for the proper storage of your wine over time. To keep your wine at its highest quality, you will want to examine every part of the room. That includes the floor.

In designing your cellar, you will want to be sure that the material chosen for the floor can adequately hold all of your equipment and your wine storage structures as well as the wine itself. If your floor breaks down, you may be inadvertently exposing your wine collection to damaging air and fluctuating temperatures.

Air Tight

Air is the enemy of fine wine. Wine bottles, wine cellars, and other wine storage solutions are all designed with keeping the wine's environment away from the open air as effectively as possible. You should create your floor with the same strategy in mind. You want a floor that does not allow pockets of air to come through. Many materials used for floors are dense and do not have cracks or pores where air can be stored. This is what you want.

You will also want to consider how you seal the flooring for your wine room. Most materials used in floors are sealed in some way, and this is critical for keeping your environment airtight.

Proper Wood Types


Cherry wood is an excellent choice for wine storage because of its beauty. This wood has a red hue that can be stunning next to gorgeous wine bottles. It can also stand up to the constant high humidity that is needed to keep your wine fresh and flavorful.


Maple is a hardwood that will not bend or deteriorate in conditions that are right for wine storage. Choose a tiger maple or a curly maple for a breathtaking appearance.


Elegant mahogany wood is warm and pretty. It is also known for being durable and strong, making it an excellent choice for your wine room.


Ash is a nice choice because it comes in a variety of different colors, so it can be used to match other rooms in your home. Ash is also known to be a strong wood type.


Redwood has high shock resistance and is good for areas where wine is stored because it will absorb vibrations that come from electronic equipment or from other areas of your home.

Improper Wood Types


Pine is not a good choice for your wine room because it is much too soft and will not stand up to the humidity levels required for the proper storage of wine.


Cedar is another poor choice for a wine storage environment because of its aromatic scent. You will want to store your wine in an area that has as little scent as possible, because the wine will absorb smells.

Reclaimed Barrel Material

Many wine enthusiasts love the idea of building a wine cellar with reclaimed wood originally used in wine barrels. This is a charming and fun idea that you can use to bring personality to your wine collection. You can also use reclaimed barn wood as long as it was originally made from strong wood.



Ceramic is a simple choice for flooring. It tends to be inexpensive and comes in many different designs and colors. It is strong enough to hold up heavy items and it won't warp in high humidity.


Stone is a beautiful, natural material that brings elegance to a wine storage room. There are many types of stone you can use for flooring, each with its own aesthetic. You can find stone flooring that fits a contemporary cellar style or a more traditional design.

Types of stone used as flooring include marble, limestone, and granite. Stone floors are durable and likely to last longer than your home itself.


Porcelain tiles are a pretty choice for a wine room floor. You can buy them in different shapes and sizes to create the look you want. Choose a plain porcelain tile for an understated look or choose an intricate pattern for romance, sophistication, or a modern style.


Mosaic tiles are made with a combination of materials such as porcelain, stone, and other choices. Mosaic tiles can make your wine room floor a work of art and can add a unique element that you cannot get using just one standard material. Mosaic is an especially good choice for an Italian or Spanish influence combined with durability and the ability to make it your own, unique look.

We have a full guide on how to build a wine cellar here.

As you design your wine cellar, take advantage of the opportunity to create a space that speaks to your personal style and preferences. Your choice of flooring will make a big difference in the overall look of your room, so be sure to choose a material that you love. Contact Wine Cellar HQ for ideas and guidance in designing the perfect room for your wine collection.

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