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A Closer Look at the Breezaire WKL 4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

A Closer Look at the Breezaire WKL 4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The Breezaire WKL4000 is the perfect unit to keep your wine investment safe and protected while saving you money at the same time. Anyone who loves their wines knows how crucial it is to store them properly, and the biggest point of failure is usually a substandard cooling unit. The WKL4000 offers consistent temperatures and humidity levels so you can feel safe knowing your wine is in good hands.

The Breezaire WKL 4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Temperature and Humidity

These are the most basic functions of any wine cooling unit, and the WKL4000 performs very well here. Using both air sensors and an optional bottle probe, it keeps a sharp eye on both measurements to ensure things are always at the temperatures and humidity levels you choose. The Breezaire Advanced Sentry III+ gives you amazing flexibility in humidity adjustments--go as low as 50% or as high as 70%--which is helpful for those of us whose needs may change over time.

The readings are easy to take and adjust using the continuous LED display. This intuitive screen is large and self-explanatory. Perhaps the best feature of the WKL 4000 in terms of temperature and humidity control is the airflow protection, though.

Should the fan fail or something blocks the airflow (an errant bottle, for instance), the unit will shut itself off. This might not seem like what you want at first blush, but it's actually very clever. Should the system keep running with blocked airflow, the heat generated by its own running will actually cause the cellar to slowly heat up, potentially damaging your wine. By shutting down, the unit protects your wine while alerting you to what has happened.

Safety Features

There are few things we worry about more than a power outage. It's bad enough when there's no power during the duration of the outage. Even worse is worrying that your expensive unit--the one that's protecting all your expensive wine--has been damaged. You won't know until the power comes back on!

The WKL 4000 eases those worries with power outage protection. When the electricity is flowing once again, you can be sure your unit will be humming along as normal.

Quiet Running

Speaking of humming along, another great feature of this cooling unit is the whisper-quiet operation. This preserves your wine from any vibrations, disallows annoying rumbles in your wine cellar, and means you won't have a next-door room that's practically unusable because of all the noise.

These units have been carefully engineered to make them free of vibrations. Then they're assembled by hand and thoroughly tested. These tests ensure the unit not only doesn't give off vibrations that you can actually feel, but is even free of micro-vibrations that would be undetectable to the owner normally.

Aesthetics and Installation

Wine cooler units are by necessity a bit full of wires, gears, and guts. These are all necessary to excellent operation, but who wants to look at all that? The WKL 4000 comes in a stylish metal cabinet that blends in easily with your decor and takes up minimal space. If you need it, this unit can be flush-mounted to just about any wall in your wine cellar.

This is also a very easy system to install and involves no special plumbing or wiring puzzles to work out. Since you're working with a self-contained unit, this is one of the easier wine cooling units to install.

Quality and Support

In an era when lots of the things we buy are made thousands of miles away and sold by companies whose only interest is the next sale, the WKL4000 is a breath of fresh air. Not only is everything hand-made using the best available components, but it's all done right here in the United States in compliance with the strictest codes and regulations.

That's just one reason the company behind this unit has enough confidence in their product to offer a comprehensive warranty and full factory support. Not only will the factory give you advice about how to put it up, but they are available whenever you need them for problem-solving as necessary. If something goes wrong, there is a way to get it fixed or made right. These units really are as close to "worry-free" as you can get.  

Questions and Answers

Is This the Right Unit for You?

If you have a max of 1,000 cubic feet to cool, this unit is likely a great choice for your needs. The estimated max bottle capacity is 4,000. The unit itself measures 14.25 (W) by 19.75 (H) by 21.63 (D). The thermal capacity is 4,000 BTUs, and it requires a 115V/8.5 amp connection.

Of course, the thermal load is always affected by a few things. The placement of glass, ambient temperatures, humidity levels: these things can change up how much space you can manage with any cooling unit.

If you're looking for something a little bit bigger or to handle more extreme temperature and humidity issues, consider the WKL8000, which can manage up to 4000 cubic feet. If your space is smaller, the WKL3000 will take care of spaces up to 650 cubic feet.

Do I need any modifications? 

The WKL series systems offer 3 technical modifications. 
1) Power cord out the back or hot side of the unit - there is no right or wrong answer on this it's just dependent on your specific setup. 
2) Rear drain fitting - this allows the drain to be outside the wine cellar on the back/hot side of the wine cellar cooling unit. 
3) Hot air up - this configuration changed the exhaust air from blowing straight out the back to blowing out the top of the unit. Again there is no right or wrong configuration it's just what works best in your wine cellar. 

The WKL 4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is a standout in the Breezaire line. This popular line is powered by some innovative tech that makes it just about the best choice in the business. Many experienced wine aficionados are now on their second or third unit in this line and wouldn't switch to anything else for the world. Find out for yourself why the WKL 4000 is such a popular and respected unit. To learn more, visit us at Wine Cellar HQ today!

Richard Bryan

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