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The Top Wine Accessories for Every Wine Connoisseur

18 Top Wine Accessories for Every Wine Connoisseur

If you’re an oenophile, a.k.a. wine enthusiast, you know that wine is the star of the show, but you also need a supporting cast of characters. In this guide, we’ll list the most essential wine accessories that every wine lover needs to have at their disposal. And if you’re looking for a gift for the wine lover in your life, this list is for you. There’s no doubt that your loved one will love the wine accessories that we’re sharing below.

Let’s get started!

1. Corkscrew

A corkscrew is one of the most basic wine tools. Even if you don't regularly drink wine, you probably have a corkscrew on hand. However, not all corkscrews are created equal. If you have trouble operating a corkscrew (and it's a pretty common conundrum), consider buying an electric push button corkscrew. By simply pushing a button, this corkscrew will remove the cork for you. It's also a great tool for those who may have hand strength or dexterity issues.

2. Wine Aerator

If you're craving a smoother taste to your wine, especially reds, invest in a wine aerator. This device brings air into your wine. You simply attach it to the mouth of your wine bottle and pour. The result is a smoother, less bitter wine with an enhanced aroma.

3. Wine Decanter

Wine decanter and glass with small cheese platter

Decanting is the next step after aerating the wine. A decanter is a vessel that you transfer (or decant) your wine to. The purpose of the decanter is to catch sediments in wine which can make the wine taste smoother and less bitter. It's especially useful for red wines, which tend to contain more tannins.

4. Wine Bottle Stopper

If you don't plan to drink the entire bottle at one time, you need to invest in a stopper. Stoppers help to preserve wine from being overly aerated. There are several types of wine stoppers. Depending on your drinking habits, you may choose a decorative stopper that can preserve the wine for up to days. However, if you want to keep the wine for longer, use a vacuum preservation stopper which manually pumps oxygen out of a bottle and creates a vacuum seal. This can allow you to get up to five days of storage for opened bottoms. Some high end systems can keep your wine fresh for months.

5. Wine Rack

Do you stock up on wine? You need a wine rack, plain and simple. Wine racks allow you to neatly organize and access your wine. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. If you only need to store a half a dozen bottles, there's a wine rack for you. And if you need to store over a hundred bottles, you have plenty of options for that too. You can choose a rack that complements your decor and fits your storage needs exactly.

Explore our wide collection of wine racks here.

6. Wine Glasses

Bottle of wine and two vintage wine glasses with white wine

Everyone needs a wine glass. Or two. Or two dozen. But there are so many wine glasses on the market, how do you know which one to buy? Start with this guide where we break down the different types of wine glasses based on wine type.

7. Wine Tumbler

Wine glasses are perfect for drinking wine, but what if you'd like to indulge on a picnic or when camping? You need a wine tumbler. This type of wine cup is so sturdy that it's shatterproof. Plus, it will keep your wine cold for hours, which is a major plus since wine is best served at a chill.

8. Wine Bag

A great way to carry your wine from one location to the next is with a wine tote. These specially designed bags are cushioned, which allow you to safely transport your wine. This is the perfect bag to use when you're gifting a bottle to someone.

9. Wine Glass Marker

Have you ever had a dinner party or wine tasting party and realized that you didn't know who's glass was whose? You needed a wine marker. Wine markers have temporary ink that allow you to easily customize each glass at the start of the party. Write out your guests' names on each glass so there's no mistaking glasses.

10. Wine Thermometer

One of the most practical gifts that every wine lover needs is a wine bottle thermometer. This allows you to instantly gauge the temperature of your bottle. With this knowledge, you'll know if you need to chill the wine longer or let it warm up a tad. Medium and full-bodied reds should be served between 59-64° F (15-18° C). Sparkling wines should be served ice cold between 43-50° F (6-10° C). And light white wines should be served chilled between 45-50° F (10-13° C).

Find the full wine service chart here.

11. Wine Bottle Insulator

Move over wine buckets. A drip-free alternative to the old fashioned ice bucket is the wine insulator. Insulators can be considered mini-coolers. These double walled vacuum sealers will keep your wine cool, even when it's exposed to warm room temperatures. These insulators prevent warm air from wrapping around the bottle. It's perfect if you want to keep wine cool for an extended period of time.

12. Wine Chiller Stick

A great way to rapidly chill your wine is with a wine cooling stick. Here's a quick rundown of how these accessories work: Freeze your wine stick. After it's completely frozen, open your bottle. Pour out an ounce of wine. Insert the wine stick. Wait the recommended amount of time and then enjoy your wine. Many wine chiller sticks also come with a built-in aerator and pourer, which makes it easier for the operator. Even better, these sticks chill your wine up to 20 times faster than a refrigerator.

13. Foil Cutter

As its name implies, a foil cutter is a utensil that removes the foil from the mouth of a wine bottle. This tool is pretty straightforward, but it's useful because it makes cutting foil a lot easier and protects your fingers.

14. Wine Stain Remover Spray

Spilled red wine can be a huge hassle to remove from carpets, clothing, and upholstery. And if you have red wine in the house, you (or someone you love) are guaranteed to spill it. Be prepared with a specially formulated red wine stain remover such as the highly rated Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover.

15. Wine Purifier or Sulfite Remover

Do you or someone you love get headaches when drinking wine? For those who may be allergic to wine, a wine purifier may be the solution. Wine filters can remove histamines and sulfites, which naturally occur in most wines. This can eliminate the negative side effects that some people experience when drinking wine, such as headaches and hangovers.

16. Wine Cork Holder

What do you do with all of the corks you accumulate over time? A fun idea is to turn your corks into a work of art. There are a wide selection of cork holders, including wall-hangable shadow boxes, cages, and even wine racks.

17. Wine Suitcase

If you're a wine tourist, you may enjoy bringing bottles of wine from your travels. But no matter how many clothes you wrap around them, packing delicate wine bottles in your suitcase may not be secure enough. This is where a wine suitcase comes in. These specifically designed cases allow you to securely pack multiple bottles of wine in one case without worrying if they'll break.

18. Wine Cooler

Last, but certainly not least, every wine lover needs a wine cooler, or wine fridge. A cooler allows you to maintain the proper storage temperature for your wine (which keeps it fresher for longer). It also allows you to properly control the humidity environment, which prevents corks from shriveling and wine from prematurely aging. If you're not ready to build a full cellar, a wine cooler is the next best option. And there are wine coolers for every size and budget. Check out our selection of wine coolers here.

Randy Green

Randy is a true wine storage aficionado and expert in wine cellar design. He gained construction experience as a partner in a general contracting business before niching into and passionately focusing on creating wine storage solutions for clients in 2016. He takes great pride in bringing these designs to life, and is dedicated to ensuring that every wine cellar he creates is not only functional but also a beautiful addition to any home or business. The Wine Cellar HQ team also includes refrigeration sizing experts and licensed HVAC technicians to ensure optimal climate control for your wine cellar, so that your wines can age to perfection.
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