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CellarPro Keeps Your Wine Crisp While It's in Storage

We Offer the Best CellarPro Products to Keep Your Wine Storage Cool

CellarPro for Long-Term Storage and Wine Aging

CellarPro wine cooling units are engineered to maintain the best cooling level as well as the best level of humidity for your wine. They are able to maintain a crisp temperature of 50-60°F and humidity levels don't get any higher than 60%.

CellarPro tests all wine cellar cooling systems for safety and efficiency. They're also tested for longevity so you know your investment is going to last many years.

To learn more about why we stand by CellarPro as a trusted wine refrigeration system, reach out to us today.

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A Variety of Cooling Systems for Your Unique Storage Situation

CellarPro offers a wide range of units for any size wine cellar. These units can cool as much as 2000 cubic feet of storage! All CellarPro's products are UL certified, making them the safest option for keeping your wine crisp and refreshing.

Outstanding cooling performance comes from Electro-fin coated coils and oversized compressors. Plus, innovative designs make adaptability for any environment a possibility. 

Commercial-Grade Features

CellarPro products are made for commercial wine cellar cooling. One feature that each model has is the ability to be fixed easily. CellarPro manufacturers understand that your wine collection is your livelihood, so they're committed to making sure any technical difficulties can be solved quickly. 

CellarPro also takes convenience very seriously. Because of this, they offer LED-display panels that can be programmed to adjust to your desired cooling settings. 

If you're worried about your wine cooling units malfunctioning and being stuck with a hefty bill, CellarPro offers the longest warranty when compared to other cooling companies. 

Why CellarPro?

One thing that makes CellarPro stand out is the impressive features each unit contains. Every single CellarPro unit uses E-coating to combat any erosion and also has an independent fan control. 

CellarPro started off building wine cellars and when they discovered they couldn't find a cooling system that fit their standards, they decided they would make their own. They started upgrading existing components and adding new features that they felt were necessary for cooling their wine cellars.

CellarPro spent a year testing, designing, and building the very first CellarPro model. They use only the highest-quality materials and hire the most experienced engineers for the job. 

Choosing a CellarPro Wine Cooler

Since we only offer quality and affordable products at Wine Cellar HQ, it should be no surprise that CellarPro made the cut. All of our models are rust-resistant and up to safety standards. If you're interested in ordering a CellarPro cooler from us, we can have it delivered as quickly as a larger reseller would. This is because we have close connections with our manufacturers.

Browse our selection and let us know if one of the CellarPro models stand out to you. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or set up a consultation with one of our pros. 

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